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Why We Started Devtree

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One founder’s story…


I‘ve been a computer nerd since I was a teenager writing programs on my TRS-80 using a cassette tape to save my work (yeah, I know that dates me a bit ;o)  “HELLO WORLD!”


Now it’s been over 25 years either building software teams or technology companies. For the past 10, my career was focused on an enterprise-level Ruby-on-Rails shop in Chicago that I started from scratch as a new division of another company (a quick shout out to my awesome team still rockin it at the old job!).


I’m very comfortable sayin… I know how to build software and hire incredible people to build it.  Funny thing, too… I’m the guy at a cocktail party, out for dinner or just hangin out in general — that sooner or later — someone approaches to say “I’ve got an idea for an app.”


Buddies call me at all times of day and night (yeah, because I’m a night owl).  They call to ask my advice on their ideas… and they wonder if I’ll help build them.  Problem is, I’d always had a day-job (a pretty demanding one).  Add family life and what time do I have to work on people’s ideas?!?  I felt bad, though. These were some of my best friends… and I had so little time to help in my area of expertise (hey doctors, I relate to your “pain” — lol).  Ya know, if I had a dime for every app idea someone told me — I’d have quite a bank account!


Then it hit me, back in 2012… the tempo is only gettin worse! All those smart phones have made “app” a household word. Everywhere I go, I feel like a celebrity “It’s James, the guy who builds apps — lemme introduce you!”  All these people with app ideas… and they just don’t know what to do, or how to get started.  Hmmm…. I started to realize — maybe this could be a business?


Now, back in the office as director of the software development team — I was always lookin for ways to do things better, faster, more efficiently. As a marketing intern at Unisys many years ago, the joke my coworkers used to mock me was a mimic of me saying “there’s GOT to be a better way….”


Indeed, after managing the growth of a software shop for so long, I’ve seen where we did great but also where we needed to do better. I’ve seen when clients were at their happiest, and fully related to their deepest frustrations. I’ve seen these things and come up with a better wayDevtree. I’m not alone. My cofounders, who also have deep backgrounds building software and managing global IT teams, share these views born from their own experiences.


We started Devtree to help people explore their web and mobile app ideas and we use methods to get the job done that I know, for a fact, save clients TONS of development labor; hence time and money.  These aren’t theories. This isn’t sales-speak. It’s just better.


It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing director for a fortune 100 firm or a budding entrepreneur hopeful — people with an app idea just want to know TWO things: (1) is it a good idea? and (2) what will it take to built?   Well if I could answer #1, I’d have a crystal ball and just sit around playin the stock market — so I won’t try to tell you if your idea is good… But we CAN help with #2…


Devtree gives people a quick, easy and affordable way to get answers on what it takes to build their app ideas.  We don’t try to rope clients in. We just give them what they need- with no obligation to do more.  If they want to get their project built, we’ll find them reliable talent to do it at a great rate (our RFQ approach sees to that).


Lots of people ask why we don’t focus on building the projects ourselves…. well, if it’s a *really* interesting project, we might bid on it — but quite simply — we’ve hired some of the smartest software analysts, architects and engineers to give OBJECTIVE guidance… because let’s face it — IF we’re *also* tryin to be your development company, we’d not only be lickin-our-chops for your project, but we’d have motivation to make it as BIG as possible — it’s a CONFLICT of interest, plain and simple.


Here at Devtree, we follow “LEAN” principles — which tell you to invest in the test before the rest; and we take an Agile approach which suggests to only invest in meeting your next set of minimum needs.  Evaluate at each step and make smart decisions about what comes next….


That’s what we help our clients do.


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AUTHOR - James Hasan

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