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Questions? 312.470.8060

Questions? 312.470.8060



Last Updated on October 20, 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Devtree?

We’re top analysts and engineers with extensive software backgrounds who focus on helping clients explore their ideas, architect their projects, and get quotes from qualified developers who can bring their apps to life.  We work as part of our client’s team to provide objective guidance, advocate their goals, save them time and money and overall act in the interest of streamlining development of their projects from idea to launch.


How does it work?
We start by gathering some basic information and holding a 20-30 minute discussion of your project led by one of our analysts. We then provide a Technology Profile that translates the idea to software terms, diagrams the technical flow of the concept and provides insights on building the app. We can help clients compare their concept to competitors. Once ready, we develop a Request-for-Quote (RFQ) to get app builders in our network to bid on projects with a set scope that allows clients to compare, apples-to-apples, and choose the best developer for their needs. We stay involved to protect client payments and can assist in managing projects toward launch.


It says “up-front pricing,” so what are the prices?


It costs $289 for us to develop a base Technology RFQ. We can refine scope further as requested by clients for a la carte add-on prices. We then manage the RFQ process and get quotes for clients for an additional $339.


Why can’t I just submit my own RFQ?
Clients are welcome to submit their own RQF as long as it meets our format requirements and is accepted. The cost for this is $339 plus a format review fee of $49.  It’s important to note that we may reject any client-built RFQ until it meets our submission guidelines.


It says “100% confidential,” so is my information safe?
All information you provide is held as confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside our organization.  Any information shared with third parties will be shared only at the request of our clients with their knowledge and acceptance. Such cases will include confidentiality agreements that extend to the third-party.  We store your data in encrypted formats and will destroy it at your request.  We will also require that third-parties who do not end up with a client relationship destroy any confidential information upon learning they will not have this relationship. For more information, please review our policy for Nondisclosure of Client’s Confidential Information.